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Increasing sustainability by using footprinting

  • 05 December 2023
There is no way to escape it; every company has to work with sustainability. At KP Holland, this subject plays an important role in the organization. Not only from the existing intrinsic motivation, but also increasingly because of legislation.
Increasing sustainability by using footprinting

As greenhouse horticulture sector, we are noticing this by the tightening of the energy-saving obligation, ODE rate increases, CO2 tax and the elimination of exemptions. The public opinion is also becoming increasingly critical. In addition, we are aware of the importance of a greener world and our impact on it. This is why footprinting is an important theme within our organization.

John Vreugdenhil, Financial Director KP Holland says, "Initially we wanted to get an overall picture of all our products and where we stand as a company with our footprint. Now we can even calculate the impact of planned investments on our footprints." For now, the focus of the footprint calculations is on the CO2 impact of our products. 

"We have calculated the footprint of all our flowering plants. We can compare several years with each other, which gives us a picture of the impact of our flowering plants and allows us to focus on sustainability. Now we are calculating the footprint of our other products, such as our young plants, breeding and cutting materials. This will give us the impact from the starting product to the sleeve that goes around the product."


Despite all the good things, we also see benchmarking challenges. "Other growers also have to start with footprinting, but not every grower has reached that point yet. However, it does offer the opportunity to compare the footprint of our products with others," says John. Because only together we can make the greenhouse horticulture sector a little more sustainable, step by step. Are you curious about the footprint of the Siam Curcuma, Rosalina Kalanchoe and/or the Cupido Spathiphyllum? Contact us and we'll see what we can do for each other.

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