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Rosalina Kalanchoe is a strong flowering plant with firm, dark green, glossy leaves. The plant shape and tight flower head of the Kalanchoe Rosalina series make this product very special. The plants with rose-shaped flowers are available in many different colours and colour combinations. 

Care tips

Rosalina has succulent leaves and therefore does not need much water. If the plant is in a colder spot, it needs less water. If the leaves hang down, this indicates too much water. Do not remove old flowers. If you leave them in place, the plant will flower beautifully again within 3 months!

  • Rosalina tolerates a lot of light very well and can therefore be placed in the sun.

  • If the leaves hang down, this indicates too much water.

  • Leave old flowers on the plant. The plant will flower beautifully again within 3 months.

    A Rosalina Kalanchoe in every home

    Ambiance creator

    A cheerful colourful mix? Or just one colour? It's all possible with Rosalina. The range consists of six popular colours and offers a perfect match for every interior. Rosalina is available in red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white.


    Origin Rosalina

    The Rosalina is naturally very vigorous and colourful. The plant has its roots in Madagascar, China and southern and south-eastern Africa. It occurred here in the wild and endured harsh conditions such as drought and bright sunshine. Kalanchoe is a member of the Crassulaceae family, making it a succulent plant. Rosalina is the name of an exclusive and strong series of double-flowered Kalanchoe varieties.

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      What we aim for

      Through intensive breeding, we select only the very best Kalanchoes that guarantee at least 100 days of flowering pleasure.


    What is the best way to look after my Rosalina?

    Rosalina is not very demanding. The plant requires a light position, meaning that direct sunlight is no problem at all. When looked after properly, Rosalina will continue to flower for 8 to 10 weeks. When Rosalina has a position in full light at a temperature of between 12-25°C, it prefers to be watered every 2 or 3 days. If you DO NOT deadhead the plant, it will produce new flowers within 3 months.

    There are some old dried up deadheads in my Rosalina. Should I remove them?

    No! On the contrary! When you leave these deadheads, you will see new flowers appear within 3 months.

    Can I also place my Rosalina outside?

    Rosalina is usually placed indoors, but because she is such a strong pot plant, she can also provide great pleasure outside on the terrace, balcony or in the border all summer long. The best period for this is May/June to September/October.

    My Rosalina has finished flowering. If I continue to look after it, is there any chance that it will flower again?

    Yes, there is that chance. In order to achieve this you will have to act precisely and expertly. After flowering, you cut back the stems, thus keeping the plant small and compact. After cutting back, the plant needs to be repotted in good quality compost. Normally, renewed flowering is the result of the plant being put away in a dark place (short-day plant). If this is not done, Rosalina will not flower again until spring.

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    As a flowering plant producer, we supply the Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoe and Curcuma crops to exporters/wholesalers, line drivers, retail and specialists in Europe.

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