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    Guaranteeing quality and sustainability

    KP Holland is in possession of the labels MPS, SQ and MPS GAP, which means that production is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


We like to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Meeting agreements about deliveries and quality are logical. In addition, it is nice for you as a customer to know that we also stick to agreements within production. We produce according to MPS guidelines. We have the certificates and quality marks that our customers need to trade the products worldwide and through any retailer.

  • Medewerkers lopen door de kas op onze geautomatiseerde Kalanchoë locatie Hoge Noordweg.
    our ambition

    Growing sustainably

    In 1996, KP Holland was the first grower to be ISO9001 certified. One example that shows that we think it is important that things are well organized in every area. High-quality plants.

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Lex will tell you all about it!

Lex Gram helpt je graag met vragen over certificeringen.

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