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about KP Holland

We strive for
plant excellence

We are a global player in the breeding, propagation and production of distinctive plant varieties within Spathiphyllum, Curcuma and Kalanchoe. We are also the grower of the BeMini brand, a green mini plant mix in a 7cm pot.

KP Holland Spathiphyllum kamerplant voor langdurig bloeiplezier.

mission statement KP Holland

Long-lasting flowering experience for consumers

As a breeder, propagator and producer, we create and distribute our distinctive crops worldwide, together with growers and trading partners. Together we provide an attractive, green and healthy living environment for as many consumers as possible. Growers, trading partners and consumers who choose the best plants choose KP Holland.

Our mission statement is: "Growing success for growers and trading partners and long-lasting flowering experience for consumers."


Breeding & Growing

The fact that KP Holland breeds, multiplies and produces is a great advantage. All our products are developed with the latest techniques, intensively tested and we know exactly how the plant behaves in practice. We go for the highest achievable.

Our working method is characterized as goal-oriented, well-considered and innovative. We have automated processes, are data-driven and know how to continuously improve or innovate our working methods and plants. With cultivation knowledge and product knowledge under the same roof, we realize qualitative and uniform varieties that are leading in the market.

Binnen Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoë, Curcuma en BeMini gaat KP Holland altijd voor het hoogst haalbare wij gaan voor plant excellence.
What we strive for

Market leadership within the crops

By participating in knowledge institutes and fully data-driven breeding and production, our range is geared to customer and market demand.


Facts &

  • 140


  • 16

    hectares of glass

  • 72

    years of experience

  • 32

    million plants per year

  • 30+

    export countries

  • 4

    product groups

  • Terug naar 1950, Jan van der Knaap met zijn kinderen.

    1950: from vegetables
    to potted plants

    In 1950 Jan van der Knaap laid the foundation for KP Holland. It started with the cultivation of vegetables, but soon the switch was made to pot plants. A daring step, given that the cultivation of pot plants had never happened before in the Westland. As a pioneer and entrepreneur who knew how to push boundaries, Jan has meant a lot for the development of both our family business and the Westland horticulture.

  • Terug naar 1970, toen traden de vijf zoons van Jan van der Knaap toe tot familiebedrijf KP Holland.

    1970: Born
    to breed and bloom

    Jan's five sons joined our company in 1970. Each son was in charge of his own nursery, but the sale was done together. From the drive to be independent and to improve varieties, the breeding of Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoe, Curcuma and a number of other crops was started in the early 1990s. The fact that our company breeds, multiplies and produces turned out to be a great advantage, because all our products have been tested intensively and we know exactly how the plant behaves in practice.

  • Terug naar 1970, toen traden de vijf zoons van Jan van der Knaap toe tot familiebedrijf KP Holland.

    2021: Plant Excellence

    In 2021, brothers Aad and Hans van der Knaap were the last of the second generation to retire from the management. From that moment on, the direction of our company is completely in the hands of the third generation. Steef van der Knaap (operational director), Roy van der Knaap (technical director) and Pim van der Knaap (commercial director), together with Leo de Vries (general director) and John Vreugdenhil (financial director), lead a team of 140 permanent employees at seven locations.

    our people

    Together we ensure plant excellence

    With this team, we ensure that our products are delivered to our customers at their best every day. Choose the department to make a selection to easily get in touch with the person you need.

    De locatiemanager van de Herenwerf zorgt met zijn team voor plant excellence.

    Any questions?

    We are there for you and happy to help you.

    Operationeel directeur Steef van der Knaap beantwoordt graag je vragen.

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