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First plants leave cultivation site

  • 21 November 2023
The next step in the commissioning of the new cultivation location is a fact! While the renovation is in its final stages, the first Rosalina Kalanchoes 12cm and 7cm are ready to go to the market. Curcuma will be the main crop at this growing location; a seasonal product available from March through September. Therefore, for the first round of cultivation, the greenhouse is full of Kalanchoes in pot sizes 7 and 12cm.
First plants leave cultivation site

The new growing location is next to one of KP Holland's existing locations. In both locations, plant excellence the central goal; growing top quality plants to create long-term flowering pleasure for consumers. By connecting the heat and electricity between the locations, the generation and purchase of heat and electricity can be flexibly distributed.

Lower emission & energy consumption

With the latest technology and sustainable installations, this greenhouse meets the requirements for the ‘Green Greenhouse’ label. This involves reducing CO2 emissions, protecting groundwater and the circular use of raw materials.

"We are quite proud of that. Especially the air treatment system contributes quite a bit. With outside air intake and air hoses, we keep the vents closed for a longer time. With the system, we get the moisture out and we can cool slightly and vent later", said Roy van der Knaap. This reduces the need to open the windows. The result? An expected energy reduction of 15%.

Other sustainability measures in the greenhouse include growing under dimmable LED lighting, connection to the sustainable geothermal heat from Trias and use of 'PARperfect' screen cloths that provide diffused light and make it easier to control light intensity. With this increase in sustainability, KP Holland expects to reduce the footprint of a Siam Curcuma by at least 5%.

Plant excellence for growers, trading partners and consumers, with the focus on a greener world.

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