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Beautiful houseplants with bright white flowers that are very easy to care for; Cupid Spathiphyllum (aka 'spoon plant') has it. This air-purifying winner is a favourite houseplant for many because of its fresh appearance.

Care tips

Spathiphyllum Cupido has its origins in the tropical rainforest, where it is found as 'undergrowth' in shady spots. It is a tropical plant, which means it likes not too sunny, warm surroundings. And that it needs a lot of water!  If the Spathiphyllum is thirsty, it quickly lets you know by drooping its leaves. A nice drink of water is the best medicine, and within a few hours the Spathiphyllum will be back to its original shape.

  • Cupid Spathiphyllum likes room temperature (not below 15°C, and not above 25°C).

  • Place the Spathiphyllum in (semi-)shade. It does not like full sun.

  • Regular spraying of the leaves will help the growth. High humidity prevents brown leaf tips. (This is especially important in winter when the heating is on).


    Clean air
    in your home

    Many green plants neutralise pollutants from the air. Via the leaves and roots, they absorb the chemicals, converting them into nutrients in the plant and storing them for growth. Spathiphyllum is a champion within the air-purifying range. To learn more about air-purifying plants, visit www.airsopure



    The Spathiphyllum is also called the Spoon Plant or Pennant Plant. It is native to Colombia and Venezuela and belongs to the species Aracaea. The Spathiphyllum was introduced to Europe in 1870. The upright white flowers are characteristic of this plant.

    The flowers of Spathiphyllum are always white, but vary in size and number by species. The larger the plant, the larger the flowers, but this too depends on the species. Some Spathiphyllum plants have lightly scented flowers.

    Spathiphyllum Cupido™ comes in many different varieties and sizes. What these have in common is rich flowering, a compact plant structure and a long shelf life. Each variety has its unique characteristics such as flower size or leaf size or shape and these are combined with the most suitable pot size.

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      What we aim for

      Van ‘Macho’s’ van ruim 2 meter hoog, tot mini’s in een 7cm potje; in ons Innovation Lab staan de beste Spathiphyllum rassen vanuit de hele wereld verzameld. Hiermee maken we steeds nieuwe kruisingen. Het doel: de wereld groener maken. Mét minder stuifmeel.

    Frequently asked questions

    There is a green flower in my Spathiphyllum. Is this normal?

    It can happen that a white flower turns green. This happens when a flower has almost finished flowering; the flower then turns from white to green.

    I have had my Spathiphyllum for a while now and it is not producing any new flowers.

    The plant has probably not produced any new leaves for a while. The plant needs to be encouraged to do so. Therefore, temporarily give the plant a little less water than normal. If this does not help, move it to another spot. As soon as the plant produces new leaves again, it will flower again.

    What should I do with yellow leaves and/or brown flowers?

    You can cut off yellow leaves with scissors. Brown flowers are usually easy to remove, but if you cannot, you can also use scissors.

    The leaves of my Spathiphyllum are becoming lighter in colour, what can I do?

    The answer is simple: move the plant to a darker location and give it a little more plant food. You can also spray a leaf nutrition spray on the leaves. After some time, the plant will regain darker leaves.

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    Do you have any questions about the care of your Cupid, or do you have other questions that are not listed here? Go to Air So

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    Proven plants for trading partners

    As a flowering plant producer, we supply the Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoe and Curcuma to exporters/ wholesalers, liner drivers, retail and specialist trade in Europe.

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