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KP Holland and HiBreeding are joining forces at FlowerTrials 2024

  • 17 January 2024
HiBreeding and KP Holland are joining forces for one week, during the 2024 FlowerTrials.
KP Holland and HiBreeding are joining forces at FlowerTrials 2024

With the FlowerTrials, HiBreeding will exhibit at KP Holland on location. The aim of this cooperation is to strengthen each other to be a more attractive member to visit during the FlowerTrials. With this cooperation, both breeders (and growers) are raising the level of the presented novelties to an even higher and more attractive level.


New varieties of Kalanchoe and hydrangea at one location

Pim van der Knaap, director at KP Holland, says: "In 2022, we’ve built had a beautiful event location at the Kasteelweg 16 in Naaldwijk, next to our Innovation Lab in De Lier. A fantastic place to present our latest innovations to customers. This location was the setting for the FlowerTrials for the first time last summer. Since we don't need the entire space ourselves to present our Rosalina Kalanchoe, Cupido Spathiphyllum and Siam Curcuma, we were looking for a FlowerTrials partner."

Mike van Schie, Product Manager at HiBreeding, was looking for an external location for the presentation of the Hi hydrangeas during the FlowerTrials: "In conversations during various contact moments, our wishes came together. That's how the idea came up to reinforce each other here in week 24."


Common grounds

Mike van Schie: "HiBreeding is a collaboration between Sjaak van Schie B.V. and The Mastergrowers. With this cooperation, HiBreeding is visible in the entire chain; from breeding to final product." This is also the case at KP Holland; breeding, propagating and producing flowering plant varieties are all done under one roof. Both companies are members of FlowerTrials because of their breeding, but with the FlowerTrials they target a wider audience. "We also like to host exporters and final customers. By final customers, we are looking for the retail buyers that will eventually sell our products." That is not the only reason why it is worth visiting the location on the Kasteelweg.

Both breeders are involved in innovations. "With that, we provide a lot of of inspiration and experience, which makes KP Holland and HiBreeding extra interesting to visit. In addition, a visitor saves time; he does not have to drive to two separate locations. Of course, we also provide a good caterer who takes care of everything down to the last detail to make the whole picture complete," adds Van Schie. Pim van der Knaap: "Visitors can also take a look at the cultivation location(s), where all the work takes place. Here you can see what a new hybrid has to meet to be included as a production variety."

 Are you curious how this collaboration is established? Check out the - completely realistic - video below! ;)



We are looking forward to receive you from June 11 – 14
during the FlowerTrials!

Tuesday to Thursday from 08:00 to18:00.
Friday from 08:00 to 15:00.

Kasteelweg 16
2671 MM in Naaldwijk

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