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Interview Torben Pedersen, co-owner Greenex

  • 27 December 2022
Interview Torben Pedersen, co-owner Greenex

Greenex began operations in 1998 in Denmark as an international plant broker of Cuttings, Young Plants and Seeds. Being the brainchild of Henrik Christoffersen and Torben Pedersen, Greenex’s charter was to supply quality young plant material from all over the world to professional growers in North America, Asia and Europe.

Today the marketplace of operations is global and Greenex has become the distributor and supplier of choice for many breeders and growers providing an ever-broader range of quality plant material.

Greenex is represented worldwide with five locations spanning North America (Ontario, Canada and Florida, USA), Central America (Dominican Rep.) and Europe (Denmark & Holland). Greenex Group employs 19 people.

What characterizes your company?

Torben Pedersen> Greenex’s market position today is unrivalled due to unique access to production facilities in Central America, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. On site monitoring and management ensures that the young plant material meets the highest standards for intercontinental trade and production schemes with ornamentals.

Is there anything special you would like to mention about your company?

Torben Pedersen> Greenex serves as a growers’ gateway to success with ornamentals offering strong drive in this competitive business. Greenex is represented worldwide by highly skilled professionals out of the floricultural industry. The sales representatives offer our customers first mover advantages in terms of novelties in the trade of foliage products, latest additions from world known breeders of floricultural products, cost effective production of first-class young plant materials and custom-tailored logistical arrangements.

What is your relationship with KP Holland? Which products do you purchase?

Torben Pedersen> Our relationship with KP Holland dates back to the early years of Greenex when we were selling the Spathiphyllum from KP Holland. As per 1st of January 2023, we will proudly and exclusively represent KP Holland in North America and offer Kalanchoe Rosalina to our North American customers.  

Could you tell us something about the products?

Torben Pedersen> We know that Rosalina is the biggest and most renowned Kalanchoe Brand in Holland/Europe which stands for very high quality, and not to forget, the high-quality cuttings produced in Uganda.

How do you see the future in combination with KP Holland?

Torben Pedersen> We are very excited, honored, and proud to be able to offer Rosalina Kalanchoe varieties to the North American market. KP Holland has an excellent brand and reputation in the industry and is highly respected by our customers. We wholeheartedly believe that the partnership between KP Holland and Greenex is destined for success as both companies are privately owned and we work with the same core values towards our industry, customers, and employees.

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