Born to breed & bloom

Aware of its role as a progressive grower, KP Holland produces products of constantly good quality. The unique combination of both disciplines - breeding and growing - in a single company distinguishes KP Holland. It is a company that knows not only about its product but also about its market. The varieties developed by the companies breeding activities are tested for their commercial potential. Commercial potential is included as an objective in the continued development of new varieties.

KP Holland is born to breed & bloom

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Jan van der Knaap laid the foundation for KP Holland as a flowering plant nursery in 1950. Now, 71 years later, the company has expanded and has become a global player in both the production of flowering plants as finished products and the development of new varieties. Under the leadership of directors - Leo de Vries (Managing Director), Steef van der Knaap (Operational Director), Roy van der Knaap (Technical Director), Pim van der Knaap (Commercial Director) and John Vreugdenhil (Financial Director). A team of 140 permanent employees is dedicated to producing products of optimal quality at five locations all year round.


Having received three MPS-certificates (MPS GAP, MPS-Socially Qualified, and Fair Flowers Fair Plants) KP Holland has clearly demonstrated its ability to operate in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way. If you would like to know more about KP Holland’s sustainability policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

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KP Holland in Uganda

KP Holland is co-owner of Xclusive Kalanchoe in Uganda. African Finest Cuttings is the sales organization of Xclusive Kalanchoe and supplies high quality Kalanchoe cuttings. These cuttings are grown in our modern production location in Uganda, where an ideal climate prevails for growing cuttings. This farm offers employment, medical care, education and housing to more than 350 Ugandan employees and their families and considers sustainable production to be of paramount importance. In this way we and our customers contribute to a better living environment and future for the local population. Responsible management of people, the environment and nature is a ‘license to produce’ for us. Our MPS-certificates emphasize this. Watch a video about Xclusive Kalanchoë

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