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KP Holland FlowerTrials Event: Save the Date!

From Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 June, KP Holland participates in the FlowerTrials. And this year again a bit different and more interesting for you!

KP Holland organizes the FlowerTrials Lunch Event: exciting lunches with inspiring speakers about sustainability, health and creativity. Curious about the program? Want to be sure of a place? Then please visit KP Holland FlowerTrials Event and sign up soon.

Away with the cold; GARDENLINA™ is coming!

Night frost in May? Unfortunately still the case last week. But now the cold is truly over. Finally time for the Gardenlina™ outdoor Kalanchoe. For those who missed the Spring Fair and may not yet know: the Gardenlina™ series has had a complete makeover and has expanded. Among other things with beautiful and practical hanging baskets. Ideal for balcony, pergola or for example garden ornaments. Or what about the handy (portable) 7 cm 4-pack? With this very long-flowering and easy to care for outdoor Kalanchoë you keep the cold away. For more information, please visit or contact Nikita Lagerwerf for a customized offer.

Nominated for the "Glass Tulip 2017": Spathiphyllum Romeo Cupido™

The ‘Glass Tulip’ is the most prestigious award in the ornamental cultivation sector for the best market introduction of the year.

Spathiphyllum Romeo Cupido ™ is through to the 3rd and final round for the Glass Tulip 2017. Rightly so, we find; Short and compact, suitable for smaller pot sizes (12 and 14 cm), dark shiny leaves and many shoots are just some features that this heartbreaker possesses. But what do you think? Please order a trial Spathiphyllum Romeo Cupido™ at Walter Gunneweg or contact the proud breeders Westland Plant or J. de Groot and judge yourself. Final voting will take place in June. We will keep you informed. Launching supply platform for daily trading

Do you want to grow in the miniplant category? has the answer and the solution for you. From today, is the supplier of the entire Dutch range of mini plants in pot size 7cm for wholesale. This one-stop-shop of enables you to obtain the complete range of green and flowering mini plants for all of your customers at home and abroad through one supplier. Annual and seasonal products, matching ceramics, everything is available daily via one user-friendly platform and directly linked to the current ordering systems. For more growth please contact Nikita Lagerwerf or call +31(0)614234037

Addes to the year round assortment: Rosalina™ 6 cm

In addition to the highly appreciated Rosalina™ Kalanchoe assortment in pot size 7, 12 and 15 cm, we introduced the Rosalina ™ series in pot size 6 cm at the end of March 2017. The facts in a row:

  • Year round available
  • Available in Rosalina™ cover
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Load per shelf: 6×20

Would you like to receive a test tray? Or do you have any questions or specific requests, please contact Ruud de Jong on +31 (0)174 610610 or

KP Holland and sustainability: Trias Westland geothermal project started

Last Wednesday, May 10th, the launch shot was given for the geothermal project Trias Westland. 49 (glasshouse) companies, including KP Holland, will start drilling for heat four kilometers deep. With this geothermal heat, companies in the Westland will soon heat their greenhouses and buildings in a sustainable way and at a stable cost. This deep drill is a prime in the Netherlands. Preparatory work at the drilling site at Lange Broekweg in Naaldwijk has started. Read the full press release: Geothermal Project Trias Westland or watch this YouTube movie that explains everything perfectly: Film Trias Westland project (audio only available in Dutch, but still worth it to watch)

A customized product presentation at your company?

We regularly provide presentations of our assortment, tailored to our customers, on location. So that you can show your customers what is available at KP Holland. Our entire assortment? A special theme? A range of products tailored to a specific customer? Anything is possible. For more information, please contact our Sales Department or your own KP Holland account manager.

New: Siam ™ Curcuma Gifts

To be honest, a Curcuma plant is already a present in itself. But for those who crave an exclusive exotic gift moment, we now have the Siam™ Curcuma Gifts package, which can also serve as a decorative pot in the living room because of the waterproof bottom. Available in three trendy color combinations, from week 22. For more information, please contact Walter Gunneweg.

Exhibitions to come

You will find KP Holland at the following exhibitions:

  • 13 - 16 June: FlowerTrials, at KP Holland Hoge Noordweg 29B Naaldwijk, the Netherlands
  • 22 - 25 August: Seasons Trade Fair, house fair of KP Holland, Levoplant, VDE Plant and Oriental Group, at Oriental Group Bleiswijk
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