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  Newsletter KP Holland January/February 2021  
Happy new year......

... let’s hope so! So far no positive news about the corona crisis, except that vaccination has started. Fortunately, developments within KP Holland continue unabated. With this newsletter, we would like to inform you about this again.

Sneak preview

Partly due to the disappearance of the fairs, but also to be able to give you a beautiful presentation of our products all year round, we have realized a brand new showroom. This can be admired at our Rosalina location at Herenwerf 34 in Maasland. As soon as possible, we will organize a nice house fair here. Too curious to wait? Then make an appointment with your account manager, we can guarantee you a safe visit to this showroom.

Last chance: Radermachera

In 1995 we acquired our very first plant breeders’ rights with this always popular houseplant: the Radermachera. This graceful plant fits nicely at this time of the year thanks to its beautiful dark green color. But please py attention: these plants are available in pot size 14 cm and can only be ordered up to week 7! Also available in beautiful white ceramic. We look forward to receiving your orders digitally! Grab this last chance and order here via FX. Would you like to receive a sample plant first, or do you have other questions? Our sales team is ready to answer all of this:

KP Holland Breeding: there is so much to see ......

In these difficult times you would almost think that developments would come to a standstill, but the opposite is true. We are working hard to create new special varieties in all our product groups, Curcuma, Kalanchoe and Spathiphyllum. We would like to give you a taste of all the beauty that is coming.

For Curcuma there is a very nice addition in the making in the 17 cm range. The deep purple color pops out of the flower, as it were. Our expectations are high, we cannot wait to test this new variety at various growers at home and abroad.


Kalanchoe Rosalina: the most beautiful combinations

At Kalanchoe we see an increasing demand for combinations. Our breeding has been working intensively on this for quite some time. See one of the possibilities here in the photo. This “tricolor bicolor” is a very special one, because it comes from the same family line, so the growth is identical.


Spathiphyllum Cupido: Green Hype

Spathiphyllum is currently benefiting from the “green hype”. In recent years, many new varieties have been tested by KP Holland, which are now entering the market step by step. However, we are never finished, so we are also working hard on new varieties in this segment. Characteristics are glossy dark green leaves, large white flowers, fast growth and green discolouration with aging of the flowers. Almost ready to be tested at your nursery!

If you are interested in one of our products and want to know more and discuss the possibilities of testing, please contact Breeding Sales.

Trading places: H. Star

This time we had a conversation with Wijnand Star, commercial manager at H. Star.

Wijnand said: “H. Star was started by my father, Henny Star, in 1982 as a commission agent, by originally buying flowers from the flower auction in Naaldwijk. Now we are a purchasing organization based in Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg and we have our own flower cash and carries in Sweden and Germany. Together with my 3 brothers, I manage a team of 100 colleagues. All our sales are in Europe, where our customers supply flower shops, garden centers and retail chains. Our customers are importing wholesalers, line drivers and sales organizations.”

According to Wijnand, typical of the company is: “We are an open family business that wants to have a flourishing collaboration with entrepreneurs. We see our customer as our partner and as an extension. Together with our customer, we want to serve their customers as well as possible. This openness and doing our best for the customer ensures that we are an accessible company.”

Wijnand continues: “This year is a special year for everyone; for us, for our customers and for the growers. It is important that we realize that we need each other to continue doing business. Maintaining good relationships is becoming increasingly important, even when processing and purchasing in the sector go digital.”

About the relationship with KP Holland Wijnand says: “The day trade is focused on Rosalina 7 and 12 cm and added value items are ordered at end customer level via the webshop. This year we ran Curcuma for a group of garden centers on a promotional basis and we want to use your products for a weekly promotion. Since the time that KP Holland started to focus on Kalanchoe, we have been a regular customer. Constant quality and appearance are important and that matches 100% with the demands of our customers.”

Wijnand gives us a tip: “Stay stable in quality, continue to deliver representatively; therefore the customer knows what he is ordering. Extra tip: more variety in the offer.”

He is short and to the point about how Wijnand sees the future in relation to KP Holland: “Blooming!”

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