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Cheers for 70 years

November 17, 1984, Saturday morning. The Van der Knaap family consults, accompanied by coffee. “What’s the ripeness for next week in the Spathiphyllums?” And “how many Danish trolleys are we going to auction with Radermacheras, then we can fax that to the auction in advance.” After 70 years, KP Holland is still a family business, but a few things have changed in those 70 years …..

100% digital

Just a few more weeks until the order processing has to be 100% digital. The offer must be digitally “spic and span”, so that orders can be processed smoothly. We, at KP Holland, are working hard together with SDF and Floriday to set up and adjust everything properly in the background, so that we are completely ready for it.

Our sales colleagues have followed various Floriday workshops on how it can best be completed for you - as a customer - so that it becomes as easy and clear as possible for you and your customers. Within a few weeks our complete range will be transferred from FloraXchange to Floriday and we are ready to receive the orders via the Floriday platform.

Time will tell how it will work in practice and how we can work with you to best implement it. In any case, we are well prepared and we look forward to developments with confidence.

Thanks to these new developments, we are even better equipped to optimally manage the information provision to you and your customers.

We are going for 100% digital! You too?

We miss you

... and the countless “normal” events and fairs, to view the latest developments with you. To “speak” to you, our sales team has recorded a personal message for you, view it here: Video Sales team KP Holland.

Just like you, we remain positive, and we hope to welcome you in a brand new showroom during our annual Meeting Days at our location at Herenwerf 34 in Maasland. We will keep an eye on developments, you can expect a personal invitation before Christmas. Let’s toast in weeks 2 and 3 in the hopefully more beautiful year 2021!

KP Holland Breeding: PlantScout, qualitative data in one place

Some time ago KP Holland Breeding chose the PlantScout App:
Why? Experience with customers and feedback from the market made it necessary for you to be able to share qualitative data with us in a simple manner. Of all KP Holland varieties, clearly arranged together.

You will recognize it: Test data lost, a lot of data via apps, mail, photos and excel. That must be possible in a smarter way. Because time is money.

PlantScout is an App that you can see as a kind of smart notebook: your own smart App, always at hand to choose the right varieties and grow them optimally! On your own phone or tablet. Everything you record in the nursery can be shared with your colleagues or with KP Holland, so that they can optimally support you in getting the best out of each variety. On all kinds of characteristics, clearly laid down.

This app therefore connects you with us and with colleagues in your nursery. No more searching for photos, everything organized in one place. Would you like to know more about this handy App? Please email

(Very) temporarily back from the past: Radermachera

In 1995 we acquired our very first plant breeder’s right with this always popular houseplant. Because of our 70th anniversary we would like to show that we have not forgotten how to grow it, therefore temporarily back in our range: the Radermachera. These beautiful green plants are available in pot size 14 cm and can be ordered from week 51 to week 6. Also available in beautiful white ceramics. We look forward to receiving your orders digitally: Please order via FX. Would you like to receive a sample first, or do you have other questions? Our sales team is here for you:

Kerst trend 2020: Gnome!

The trend of Christmas 2020: this funny Christmas Gnome, including a red or white 7cm Rosalina. Demand is high, but we still have availability. Are you still looking for a real money maker on the shop floor? Order them today via or via FloraXchange

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