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"70 jaar voor elkaar"

There is no manual for successful entrepreneurship. But that a dose of guts, creativity and self-wisdom can help, is shown as we go back into history. Excluded from taking part in the fair in 1995, we decided to bring fair visitors to our own fair, with a helicopter! In this way we could show what our family business had been doing for years: breeding and growing the highest quality flowering houseplants. Even now in 2020, a fair where we can show you our latest developments seems unfeasible, but please read on…..............

Seasons Trade Fair; (in-)house fair

We would like to invite you to the annual Seasons Trade Fair, an inspiring joint in-house fair of Oriental Group, Levoplant, KP Holland and VDE Plant.
This fair takes place from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 September at the Oriental Group, Anjerweg 10 in Bleiswijk and is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, on Friday until 2:00 PM.

Of course you can count on a safe visit, we organize the fair according to all the latest guidelines of the RIVM.

We therefore ask you to book your visit in advance for a time slot of no more than 1 hour. We will receive a maximum of 15 visitors at a time, with a maximum of 4 people per company.

You can make an appointment for a visit via your account manager of 1 of the 4 organizing companies, or via

After making your appointment, you will receive a confirmation, along with a fill-in list for a choice of sandwiches, which we will have freshly made for you. We also ask you to complete the attached statement and bring it with you during your visit.

Every visitor has a chance to win a home workplace makeover, worth € 250

Despite the necessary measures, we hope for a fruitful, inspiring fair.

We look forward to seeing you at the Seasons Trade Fair!

Breeding Accel; the fusion of knowledge

Breeding Accel is a breeding platform, founded by 4 floriculture breeders: KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding and Sion Young Plants. Together these independent family businesses form Breeding Accel, an innovative knowledge platform in which individual companies unite their knowledge and research capacity. The aim is to shorten the time-to-market of starting material and to jointly invest in the latest breeding techniques and exchange knowledge.

Through the cooperation of these companies, we join forces and facilitate the exchange of knowledge. Naturally, our customer - the grower - also benefits from this collaboration: better quality starting material and a faster turnaround time for the breeding cycle. Fresh Forward Breeding recently joined this partnership. Fresh Forward belongs to the Northern European top in fruit breeding, and is particularly specialized in the breeding of strawberry and apple. Would you like to know more about this partnership? Please visit

New: the Christmas trend for 2020!

New for next Christmas is this nice Added Value item. This year’s Christmas trend. Limited availability, so order now by calling or emailing our Growing Sales department, tel.
+31(0)174 610610 or

Introducing: Jatoba Flor

We would like to introduce you to Jatoba Flor, our trading partner in Brazil in our Breeding department, the young plant division of KP Holland.

Jatoba Flor was founded in 1997 in Holambra, Brazil. Today the company specializes in the production of Kalanchoe. They produce more than 2.2 million plants per year at 20,000 meters, with 24 employees. There are plans to expand to 60,000 square meters, and about 6.5 million plants per year.

The company’s characteristic, according to Gabriel Kors, director of Jatoba Flor, is to grow top quality Kalanchoes. “We have 2 different brands on the market, a standard and a special. The goal is to produce more innovation and value-added products. Investing in quality is the chain that moves the company. Not just more plants, but the best possible plants.”

About this special corona time in Brazil, Gabriel says: “The Brazilian market, like the whole world, suffered from the corona crisis. But despite this disaster, we know that we will end this year on a positive note and are already looking forward to next yeare. The whole world is changing, and so is Brazil. The social media and internet marketplaces are now part of our lives. So the future will certainly be modeled on these consequences. As an optimist, we can perhaps expect faster market growth in the coming years. “

About the relationship with KP Holland Gabriel says: “The Rosalina varieties are a large part of our mix. During the many years that we have been growing Kalanchoes, the relationship with KP Holland has always been part of our success. We look forward to the market and the opportunities we have and expect to keep the relationship strong and healthy. Partners can help each other to be successful. “

The photo shows the team of Jatoba Flor

Trading places: J&N Blumen und Pflanzen

This time we came across Jim de Mooij, buyer of flowers and plants from J&N Blumen und Pflanzen.

J&N Blumen und Pflanzen was founded in 2013 by Cees Noort and Ernst Jonkers. The company employs 16 employees plus 2 more people who provide the franchise tour.

According to Jim, typical for J&N Blumen und Pflanzen is: “We like to work systematically with growers and set deadlines. We work together with permanent reliable partners. Service-oriented and quality are the most important core values, in addition, of course, roll up our sleeves and work hard”. The company operates in both the Netherlands and Germany. “We are currently growing very fast and the basis is to get everything right. At the moment it is most difficult to find drivers. So please call us if you know a good driver looking for a new job!”

About the relationship between J&N Blumen und Pflanzen and KP Holland, Jim says: “We purchase Kalanchoe, Spathiphyllum, Curcuma and green plants, with and without Added Value. In short, everything! Kalanchoe is the best-selling product that we visit our customers with. We need Kalanchoes in almost every week of the year. “

What tips does J&N Blumen und Pflanzen have for KP Holland? “Almost everything is digital nowadays. What I miss is a weekly list of available products by e-mail.”

Jim is short but sweet about the future: “We look forward to a bright and good future. We want to expand together with KP Holland and work together even more systematically from 1 January.”

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