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70 jaar voor elkaar

Did you know that the current directors Hans and Aad van der Knaap joined the company KP Holland more than 40 years ago? To help founder Jan van der Knaap innovate, explore and expand? That has worked out quite well in the past 40 years. “Standstill is decline” is also the motto of our down-to-earth Westland family business. So it’s great that the next generation is eager to guarantee the continuity of the company. Roy, Steef and Pim van der Knaap, sons of Hans and Aad, have been working for KP Holland for quite some time and are ready for the next step.

Great asset: new BeMini™

The BeMini™ range is renewed, the BeMini mix gets a nice upgrade! Hylocereus undatus replaces Peperomia Pixie, making the mix even more varied. The Hylocereus undatus is a special plant, because it looks like it is a cactus with spines. This is only an appearance, it is a cuddly plant and therefore very popular. The Hylocereus produces numerous stems that can reach 6-12 cm in length. As the plant ages, it can give fruit. These fruits are called pitaja or dragon fruit. The stems are three-sided and produce aerial roots that allow them to climb trees. This new BeMini™ is available from week 30. Curious already? Please send an email to Nikita Lagerwerf.

And your mark for us is.............

It is always exciting when your mark is being handed out. Fortunately, we largely have this in our own hands, because the better we deliver our products to you, the higher the mark. All customers who answered the questions to our customer satisfaction survey: Thank you very much for the honest feedback. Our score: an 8! We are proud of the good assessment of our product quality and customer friendliness and are going to put extra effort into pro-activity. With this we hope to serve you even better and to score a little higher next year.

We keep your feet dry

The polder where we are located with our company on the Hoge Noordweg has been affected by flooding for two years in a row. The third time we barely escaped it. You don’t want to experience 30-40 centimeters of water in your greenhouse again! Fortunately, Delfland has taken measures to make it manageable, partly through the construction of a water buffer in the Wollebrand. But as a grower you can of course also do something yourself. So when we started building an extra water basin, we sought cooperation with Delfland, and we took part in the Rainlevelr project. In this way we help to limit the consequences of heavy rainfall for the company and the environment. Find out more about this project? Then please visit

Trading places: Jumbo

This time we came across Coen Jeuken, Assortment Manager Flowers and Plants at Jumbo Supermarkten.

Jumbo has a colorful history. It all started in 1921 with Johan van Eerdt and his wholesale business in colonial goods. The first stores were added in the 1960s. After several acquisitions of Limburg, Brabant and Zeeland wholesalers, the transition from ‘G.L. from Eerd Wholesale to “Van Eerd Group” and later to “Van Eerd Food Group”. The first Jumbo supermarket opened in Den Bosch in 1983. More followed soon in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, the children of Karel - Frits, Colette and Monique - entered the family business. Karel and his children develop the new Jumbo formula where the customer is central and which consists of the pillars: lowest price, largest range and best service. Since 2002, the focus has been entirely on the Jumbo stores and the core activities are shifting from wholesale to supermarket organization. The company name Van Eerd Food Group changes into Jumbo Supermarkten. After the takeover of Super de Boer, C1000 and Emté, the total comes to just under 600 Jumbo stores. Jumbo will be 100 years old in 2021!

Typical for Jumbo, according to Coen: “At Jumbo we believe that shopping every day can be fun. Our ambition is to be the most customer-oriented company in the Netherlands and - why not? - in the world! We don’t stop until we are the best and nicest supermarket. In fact, we don’t stop until customers think so too!”

Although Jumbo is a typical Dutch family business, it has recently started operating internationally. Coen explains: “Jumbo Supermarkets has also been active in Belgium since 2019. Store number 4 opened in Belgium last week.”

Coen says about the flowers and plants sector in the Jumbo shelf: “The van Eerd family cares about flowers and plants. They are personally involved and believe that Jumbo makes a difference to consumers with flowers and plants. Jumbo is there for the best groceries and that includes flowers and plants! ”

Coen says about the relationship between Jumbo and KP Holland: “We have been working together successfully for many years. For example, we purchase various types of Kalanchoe. The Kalanchoe is embraced by our Jumbo consumer. We sell a lot of them.”

As a tip for growers, Coen offers the following advice: “Our customer is central to Jumbo. We try to surprise them every day. Exceed expectations with beautiful products, product information, packaging, promotions and continue to delve into the wishes of our customers!”

Coen is clear about the future of Jumbo in relation to KP Holland: “Two family businesses with the same passion, that is of course a winning combination. Together. To win. Entrepreneurship is in Jumbo’s DNA, but we also believe it is in KP Holland’s. We therefore look to the future with great confidence.”

Safe Seasons Trade Fair: Save the Dates

We would like to invite you to our annual Seasons Trade Fair, which takes place in week 39, from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 September, traditionally at the Oriental Group in Bleiswijk. The Seasons Trade Fair is a joint product fair of Oriental Group, Levoplant, VDE Plant and KP Holland. This fair is being organized for the 18th time and will of course be arranged according to all RIVM guidelines. You can only visit us by appointment, which has its advantages; you will receive our undivided attention! You will receive a personal invitation shortly. Would you please save the dates?

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