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"70 jaar voor elkaar"

What should have been a festive anniversary for us at KP Holland, with many fun events that we would have invited you to, our plans have changed given the current situation. Nevertheless, we would like to dwell on this beautiful milestone again. The photo shows the founder of KP Holland, Jan van der Knaap, potting in the late 1960s. In view of the improving trade and our always loyal and motivated employees, we look to the future positively. We have been “born to breed & bloom” for 70 years!

205 days to Christmas: Rosalina ™ Don Justino

Maybe not on top of mind during these days filled with sunshine, but it’s Christmas before you know it! And we have the perfect new red Kalanchoe Rosalina, in 4 pot sizes, available well before then. The 12 cm is already available, the 15 cm from week 27, followed by pot size 7 cm in week 30, with finally the 6 cm in week 37. Would you like to take a closer look at this red gorgeous novelty? Order a trial tray via or just drop by at one of our nurseries and call for a tour with +31 (0)174610610.

In the spotlight: lovely gift for teacher

The children are (partly) back to school and before we know it, the summer holidays are just around the corner. A great time to surprise the teacher with a nice thank you for the past school year.

Product: Rosalina 6 cm in a nice planter
Order code: E2460.1
Pot size: 6 cm
Loading: 60 × 8 (999)

For more information, visit: Order directly at Floraxchange.

"30 jaar voor elkaar": ForemostCo

For almost 30 years we have had a unique trading partner in the USA in the field of our Breeding activities, our breeding branch. ForemostCo, Inc. was founded as Foremost Foliage in 1987. Today, the company specializes in supplying rooted and unrooted cuttings, vegetative and tissue-grown plants, air-layering plants, seeds, bulbs, canes and rhizomes to its North American wholesalers around the world, including the Far East, Europe and North, Central and South America.

Jos de Boer, Marketing Manger of ForemostCo, says the following about the relationship with KP Holland: “KP Holland has been our breeding partner for almost 30 years, we are focused on the cultivation, distribution and sale of Curcuma and Spathiphyllum lines for the North American market. ” What ForemostCo encounters in this special era of corona is: “Like many other companies, we have implemented a series of protocols to help our employees stay healthy and infection-free. That is of course the main focus.” When asked whether ForemostCo also experiences something positive Jos sees this situation as follows: “This is of course an unprecedented situation, but what we have seen (at least in North America) is an increasing demand for plants and gardening in general during the lockdown. While quaranteened, many have discovered the mental and physical health benefits of working in their yards or creating urban jungles in their apartments. With so much talk of illness, it is especially helpful to see something growing and thriving during this time.”

How ForemostCo sees the future? “Like many others, we think we’ll be dealing with the ‘new normal’ for a while. Our ethos has always been to control what we can. During this time, we have worked methodically to ensure the well-being of our business, not only from our own economic point of view, but also with regard to the well-being of our partners, suppliers and customers.” Jos can be brief about the future in relation to KP Holland: “Working together for so many years, we view the future as we always have – a fruitful and enjoyable partnership which we hope to continue for many years to come!” And that is entirely mutual.
The photo shows from left to right: Joseph Roberts, Jos de Boer, David Kirwan, Joe Roberts, all from ForemostCo.

Trading places: DRC

This time we ran into Martijn van der Hoeven, team leader sales of DRC.
DRC was founded in 1997 as a retail part of Eddie Den Dekker. In 2013, part of the Diskoflora team was added to this, so they have grown considerably to the current number of employees of 17.

“We want to be a service-oriented and reliable partner for retail organizations and achieve a higher fair share through intensive cooperation and category development. We want to be a knowledge center, in which we embrace our partners and in which we unburden our customers and find innovative solutions in order to tempt consumers on the shop floor”, says Martijn.

Typical of DRC is the openness and transparency to both chain partners and customers. Accelerate, develop and expand together. DRC operates in Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Baltic States, Belarus, Russia and Moldova.

“At the end of 2018, DRC was taken over by the DFG group and integrated within Hamiplant. This is a major change. Due to their vision, broad knowledge, experience and company size, we now have more opportunities to grow”, said Martijn.

Martijn explains about the relationship between DRC and KP Holland: “We now see through the company size Hamiplant / EDD and DRC that we are becoming an increasingly larger and more important partner for our suppliers. This allows us to collaborate and develop strategically in a different way. It is no longer just about matching supply and demand, but about communicating a vision of the future together and contributing to an even more successful floriculture sector. All lines of KP Holland are therefore actively represented within various sections of our company. From discount to exclusive garden centers, we look for the optimal way to make consumers happy with products. Kalanchoe Rosalina at number 1 in various pot sizes with and without added value. In addition, various sizes of Spathiphyllum and during the season we also sell Curcuma from KP Holland”.

Martijn sees the combination of both Breeding and Growing at KP Holland as a big plus: “KP Holland has both Breeding and cultivation in its hands. Breeding allows you to market exclusive varieties by working together. In addition, KP Holland also has influence on the internal quality of the plants through Breeding. Shelf life in the chain is very important in this respect. The success of Rosalina is a longer shelf life and associated with low loss. We also see that the garden category has been developing rapidly in recent years. There are great opportunities for Rosalina, perhaps KP Holland can develop even more conceptually in this. That is really a growth market.”

About the future, together with KP Holland, Martijn says: “KP Holland is a beautiful company and in terms of core values ​​this fits in well with DFG. The mentality is also very similar. I think these are the most important ingredients to build and develop together.”

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