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  Newsletter KP Holland November 2019  
New and fresh: Rosalina™ and ton sur ton line

Thank you for visiting our booth at the trade fair in Aalsmeer last week. We showed you, among other things, our completely renewed Rosalina™ and ton-sur-ton line. That you are just as happy as we are with the new look was demonstrated by the many positive responses we received from you. If you didn’t have the chance to see them yet, then please contact your account manager, so he or she can provide you a sample tray:

Just in time delivery

With the increasing digitization and shift from the stock function to the grower, the transaction volume in the chain is increasing sharply. This is also the case at KP Holland. We have responded to this development in a timely manner and know how to achieve this well to your satisfaction, according to the recently conducted customer satisfaction survey.

Success factor here is the use of fixed order and delivery times. However, this also means that we must apply this more strictly in order to keep the service to customers of timely orders of a high level. Do you want to know which order and/or delivery times apply? Click here for the overview: KP Holland ordering moments.

Score with (KP) Holland

The European Football Championship starts on 12 June 2020. This time the Dutch national team will be participating again. We naturally assume that the Dutch team will score well this summer. Also score in advance for your customers with our Rosalina™, Spathiphyllum Cupido™ or BeMini™ mix in football ceramic. The tray is equipped with a football field print. For prices, loading or other information please contact our sales department:

Seasons Trade Fair prize awarded

The main prize of the Seasons Trade Fair, a € 250 voucher for a weekend in Amsterdam, was awarded on Friday 8 November. The lucky winner is Rudolf van der Ende from Blume2000. The prize was awarded at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. The annual Seasons Trade Fair, a joint product fair from Oriental Group, Levoplant, KP Holland and VDE Plant, was held from 24 to 27 September. We look forward to seeing you at the next Seasons Trade Fair, in 2020.

On the photo you see: Louis van Dijke (Oriental Group), Leo de Vries and Nikita Lagerwerf (KP Holland), Rudolf van der Ende (Blume2000) and Sven Bakker (VDE Plant).

Trading Places: Hamiplant

This time we ran into Coen Straathof, buyer at Hamiplant.

Hamiplant BV was founded in 1986, located in Naaldwijk and now with around 270 employees specialized in the delivery of house and garden plants to wholesalers, garden centers, hardware stores and supermarkets in Europe. According to Coen, typical for the company is: “the diversity in customers. We can serve customers on a daily basis, from small to large retail orders. There is a considerable order and information flow. Creating an optimal supply chain together with the grower is therefore necessary. Hamiplant strives for long-term relationships and chooses to connect our suppliers to our customers in a transparent and sustainable way. ”

Hamiplant operates nationally and internationally throughout Europe, from England to Russia, from Scandinavia to Italy. “We have been focusing for years on a transition to fully sustainable sales of our wide range of plants according to the FSI2020 standard. This also fits nicely in the company motto “We bring vitality”, says Coen. He says about the relationship with KP Holland: “There is a constructive and professional relationship with KP Holland on multiple levels. All product groups are brought to the attention of customers. Products are always neatly cared for at KP Holland. The reliability is good and with the sale the coordination is always fine, which leads to a smooth action response. ”

Regarding the benefits of digital ordering from growers, Coen says: “As part of process optimization, the system at Hamiplant is set up for digital order traffic. The process is that the orders are sent digitally via the florecom with the correct item codes of the growers. Everything is reported to our reception department. If something is not right in the digital process on time, it will lead to further disruption in the box and at the expense of speed. This works great at KP Holland. Customer-specific lines are created quickly so that everything can be sent via the previously mentioned florecom. I appreciate everyone at KP Holland who contributes to the entire process. ”

Coen is clear about the future in relation to KP Holland: “We look forward to the cooperation with confidence. Continue along the path and serve the customers together with the right and beautiful products. ”The photo shows Ralph van der Rassel, product specialist flowering house plants.

KP Holland Breeding; Plantscout

Bringing a new variety to the market is always exciting, because a great deal of time and energy has been invested in coming to this new variety. But this is only the start; we may like the new acquisition, but what do you think about it? And does this variety grow and flourish just as beautifully and well in your circumstances?

The feedback from growers who test our varieties is enormously important for us to arrive at a correct assessment of a new variety. But in practice this is often difficult, everyone is busy and getting the information in the right place is often not easy. We all know the example that you “are gardening” and walk past a test and think: “that looks great, I have to pass that on!”, But as soon as you are back in front you have already had 3 phone calls making a report is easily forgotten.

Since this info is so important to us, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to make a report. Everyone has a mobile telephone. How easy is it to look up the breed while you look at the test, take a picture and judge the breed?

We therefore make Plantscout available for you to get all the information in the right place in an easy, simple and fast way via an app. Don’t have the app Plantscout yet, but do you want to use it? Then send an email to your account manager, who will arrange that you get the login and you can start immediately. Do it today:

We will meet again....

What commercial objectives have been set for your company for 2020? And what interpretation will your purchasing policy take in the coming year?

We are very curious how we can support you in this. At the same time, we would like to tell you about our ambition for the new year and the resources we use for that. We are happy to present you the various customized options and through a guided tour the automated processes that make a high quality standard possible.

That is why we organize the KP Holland Meeting Days. At the beginning of January we invite you to visit our nursery location Hoge Noordweg 29b in Naaldwijk. Through a personal conversation and a tour at our production location (s), we are happy to discuss with you how we can further strengthen our cooperation in 2020 or start it up. And you can take your customers with you!

Want to preview what you can expect from us? Then watch this video about Added value and Customization at KP Holland

You will receive a personal invitation to our Meeting Days soon. Are you thinking about what you want to discuss with us? Let’s meet!

Upcoming exhibitions

You will find KP Holland at the following fairs:

  • 8 t/m 17 Januari 2020: KP Holland Meeting Days (Growing Sales KP Holland)
  • 22 t/m 24 Januari 2020: TPIE, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA (Breeding Sales KP Holland)
  • 28 t/m 31 Januari 2020: IPM in Essen, Germany (Breeding Sales KP Holland)
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