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Rosalina ™ has a new jacket, come and visit us!

Please visit our booth at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer to view our latest developments. We will show you, among other things, the completely renewed Rosalina™ packaging series - including the new ton-sur-ton line - and a completely new Added Value range, with which you can surprise your customers in 2020. Of course you are also welcome to visit one of our nurseries in the Westland (together with your customers). Call or email for an appointment: We look forward to seeing you from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 November, stand number E.5.

Mini green assortment expanded

In addition to our BeMini™ mix, we are also introducing a new green mix! This consists of the following green plants: Kiki Green (NEW!), Chlorophytum Ocean, Spathiphyllum and Hedera. From now on also available in day trade. The mix in which small, fine and air-purifying qualities meet!

Do you want to receive a sample tray to present to your customers? I would be happy to bring this to you and discuss the green opportunities for 2020 with you. Please email Nikita Lagerwerf.

We are only happy when you are

With passion, commitment and love for our product, we want to provide you with the best possible answer to your wishes. But is that actually possible? Are you satisfied with the quality, service and innovations that KP Holland has to offer? To gain insight into this, we regularly conduct a customer satisfaction survey. And the answer is YES! We are delighted with an average rating of 8.2. You mainly give us high marks in terms of product quality, service and logistics. We will of course get to work with your tips for areas for improvement. Have you not been approached for this study, but would you like to share your tips and advice with us? Mail this to

Bravo! A new Cupido™!

New to the market this week: Bravo Cupido™. A new variety in the Spathiphyllum Cupido™ series, with beautiful broad leaves, numerous flowers and a robust plant structure. Grown by JK Plant, in a 17 cm pot size. Curious about this new acquisition? Then contact our Growing Sales team: Walter Gunneweg. Are you a grower and would you like to know more about growing the newest KP Holland varieties? Then please contact Kees Lagerwerf, the Breeding Sales team: Kees Lagerwerf

Grower in the sunlight: JK Plant

Not entirely coincidentally, we are happy to put JK Plant in the limelight this edition. We spoke to Jelle and Joram Kuijvenhoven, the owners.
JK Plant was founded in March 2010 by Jelle Kuijvenhoven. He previously worked with his father, who had a flower nursery, but after an internship in pot plants, it was clear where his heart was and Jelle rented his own “garden” in Kwintsheul to grow bedding and green plants. This went so well that he asked the help of his brother Joram and together they bought a building in 2014 in Honselersdijk where the current JK Plant is located. The company specializes in green plants, bedding and Spathiphyllum. In addition to the 2 brothers, the company has 10 employees.

Typical for the company, according to the Kuijvenhoven brothers: “We grow high-quality products for the higher segment. No mass production, but rather modest numbers of mega quality.” Collaboration with family members can sometimes be a major challenge. The opposite is the case with JK Plant. “We complement each other well. Joram takes on the commercial part, I take care of the cultivation, administration and staff. To each his own profession!, Jelle says. Since 2016, JK Plant has been purchasing Spathiphyllum starting material from KP Holland, the varieties Bravo Cupido™, Largo Cupido™ and Bolero Cupido™, all grown in a 17 cm pot, JK Plant sees the extra promotion this week around the launch of Bravo Cupido™ as an excellent extra service. “ we will gladly be using this again when we deliver our first Largo Cupido™ in a few weeks time!”, says Jelle.

JK Plant focuses on serving fixed daily trading lines with wholesalers and garden centers in limited quantities and sees the future in a bright light, also in relation to KP Holland. “We have doubled the surface area in the last year so we have a lot of ambition. Given the good developments in innovation at the breeding activities of KP Holland, in which they are certainly leaders, it will all work out fine!”
For questions about the possibilities and/or availability, please contact Joram Kuijvenhoven: or by telephone on +31(0)624244900.

New Added Value Collection

Our styles for added value have been updated, the Added Value brochure 2020 with the newest added value items has been published and we have ordered various new items that are in line with the trends of 2020. During the FloraHolland Trade Fair we will show our newest items. If you would like to receive the brochure digitally, please contact our sales team via or +31(0)174610610.

Seasons Trade Fair 2019; who wins a weekend in Amsterdam?

Thank you for visiting our annual Seasons Trade Fair, the joint product fair of Oriental Group, Levoplant, VDE Plant and KP Holland. This fair was organized for the 17th time and had a Dutch touch this year. We hope to have inspired you again and to have given sufficient reason for mutual interesting cooperation in 2020. We will be raffling off a weekend in Amsterdam among the visitors this year. The winner will be announced during the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair, on Wednesday, November 6, at 9:00 AM, at the KP Holland stand E.5. We hope to welcome you next year during the Seasons Trade Fair, edition 2020.

Upcoming exhibitions

You will find KP Holland at the following fairs:

  • 6 - 8 November: Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer, the Netherlands (Growing Sales)
  • 7 - 17 January 2020: KP Holland Meeting Days, Hoge Noordweg Naaldwijk, the Netherlands (Growing Sales)
  • 22 - 24 January 2020: TPIE, Florida, USA (Breeding Sales)
  • 28 - 31 January 2020: IPM in Essen, Germany (Breeding Sales)
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