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KP Holland FlowerTrials Event: can we meet you there?

From Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 June KP Holland will participate in the FlowerTrials. And this year a little bit different and even more interesting for you!

KP Holland organizes the FlowerTrials Lunch Events: exciting lunch sessions with inspiring speakers. Behind the scenes we are working hard to make this an unmissable event for you. You will receive the official invitation, program and registration form within a few weeks. Please Save the Date!


Are you also enjoying the lovely weather? Finally time for Gardenlina™; our outdoor bloomer. For those who missed the Spring Fair, it may not be known yet: the Gardenlina™ series has been expanded further. A handy duo pack for 12 cm pot completes the Gardenlina™ series. In addition, of course, available: the beautiful and practical hanging baskets. Very suitable for balcony, pergola or for example on decorative hooks in the garden. Or how about the handy (portable) 7 cm 4-pack? With this very long flowering and easy to care for outdoor Kalanchoe, you will keep the cold at a distance. The Gardenlina™ season starts in week 20. Please visit for more information, or contact Nikita Lagerwerf for a customized offer.

Siam™ Curcuma, exclusive and yet versatile

Siam™ Curcuma, despite its very exotic and expressive character, increasingly popular and extraordinarily appreciated. To make it easier for you to let your customer stand out, you will find in the attachment of this newsletter an overview of growers who can supply you with the versatile Siam™ Curcuma range. Starting this week, KP Holland will deliver the Curcuma Siam™ Splash with beautiful pink/purple flowers in a 14 cm pot. For the other varieties available at our fellow growers, please open the attachment, or for more information or orders contact Walter Gunneweg.

Grower in the sunlight: LVG Plants

LVG Plants in South Africa is a customer of KP Holland. The owners are originally Dutch, but the current generation has lived in South Africa since 1983. Like KP Holland, LVG Plants is a family business and is run by 3 brothers; Geert van Geest (general director), Bart van Geest (production director) and Ivo van Geest (commercial director). The company is 11 hectares in size and grows a wide variety of products. More than 400 employees work here. The products are sold by their own sales company Plantimex and almost all products find their way directly to the supermarkets.

LVG Plants is working hard on innovation in the field of energy. A 7,000 m2 solar collector field has been installed that provides a large part of the energy demand of LVG Plants. In 2016 our young plant manager Kees Lagerwerf made a first visit to this company and we started with the Curcuma product. Curcuma can be grown well in the circumstances and facilities at LVG Plants and the market has responded well to this. Siam™ Curcuma Splash is the main variety and this year Siam™ Solar has also been added. In the area of ​​Spathiphyllum Cupido™, especially the Bolero Cupido™ and Bingo Cupido™ varieties are doing very well in South Africa. A great collaboration between 2 family businesses!

New: Napoli Nights

From week 16 we have a new product in our BeMini range: Peperomia Napoli Nights. The Peperomia Napoli Nights is part of the Piperaceae family and is very popular:

  • Striking and pointed blue-gray leaves
  • Trendy plant, easy care.
  • Excellent to combine with other Mini plants from the BeMini range.
    This little hunk is a real eye catcher with beautiful hues. Peperomia Napoli Nights can be ordered from this week including decorative BeMini plug. Of course also possible in a mix or ready made in ceramics of your choice. For more information or sample plants, please contact Nikita Lagerwerf
The latest trends

In terms of added value, we are constantly updating our range. We currently have 2 nice new items, immediately available for day trading.

For our BeMini mix 7 cm we have a new trendy pot available, in modern colors and with a hip leather strap (KP-739.1) and for the Rosalina 7 cm we have a new addition to our pastel theme (KP-732.1). Do you want to order samples for your customer, or do you have questions about prices and availability? Please contact our Growing Sales department via or call +31(0)174610610.

Trading places: RVE Plant export

This time we ran into Mark Roijers, director/owner of RVE Plant Export. RVE, founded in 1986, is a Rijnsburg flower and plant exporter who presents fresh trade every week, with its 75 employees, in German supermarkets. Typical for the company is that they deliver the products ready for sale and present them in the supermarket. RVE places the flowers and plants at their own risk, these two aspects ensure that the supermarket always has a neat presentation, which is always profitable!

The products go to supermarkets in Germany. RVE and KP Holland have been working together for some time in the field of various pot sizes Kalanchoe. Mark says: “We have a pleasant cooperation. This together with a top quality product makes us very satisfied with our relationship with KP Holland. Trade with German supermarkets is increasing and therefore our relationship with KP Holland will certainly continue to strengthen in the future”, says Mark.

Different address, same locations

For those who visit our nurseries at the Lange Broekweg in Naaldwijk, you already know: a lot is happening in the reconstruction of the roads around our locations. The N222 auction route has been renewed for over 2 years, resulting in all kinds of changes. Major (administrative) change for us, no consequence for you: from 1 June our Spathiphyllum nursery and head office at Lange Broekweg 84 and our breeding location and laboratory at Lange Broekweg 80 in Naaldwijk have a new address: Kasteelweg 10 and Kasteelweg 14 respectively. The relocation is therefore fortunately only one on paper, relocation congratulations are nevertheless much appreciated :-).

Exhibition agenda

You will find KP Holland at the following fairs in the coming period:

  • 11 - 14 June: FlowerTrials , at KP Holland Hoge Noordweg 29B Naaldwijk
  • 25 to 28 September: Seasons Trade Fair , in-house trade fair of KP Holland, Levoplant, VDE Plant and Oriental Group
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