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KP Holland at Trade Fair

On Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 March the Trade Fair took place at Royal FloraHolland in Naaldwijk. We were able to show a lot of new concepts and novelties again. New Rosalina™ varieties, new Spathiphyllum, a completely new mini-line and we gave you a taste of the upcoming Curcuma season. If you would like to receive more information about these novelties, please phone +31(0)174610610 or email

New: think big; BeMini!

KP Holland has introduced its new plant line at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in Naaldwijk: BeMini. For some time now, KP Holland has been growing a beautiful green mix with the varieties Peperomia Rosso, Peperomia Banda, Peperomia Pixie, Chlorophytum Ocean and Fittonia Verschaffelti Mont Blanc. These are available in a mix, by type and / or delivered in a nice pot. These small giants also lend themselves perfectly for processing in a nice terrarium or a decorated scale. From week 11 the plants will be delivered in a durable look with a nice wooden label to make the product complete and recognizable. For more information or sample plants, please contact Nikita Lagerwerf

Trading places: Enigma Flowers

This time we encountered Danny Hoogeveen, buyer at Enigma Flowers.

It is all hands on deck at Enigma Flowers, Women’s Day 2019 is imminent. During these days Enigma turns out to be the lord and master of organized chaos. With surgical precision, thousands of trolleys are traded, distributed and leased for transport in the specially rented space for this period.

The trade eventually finds its way to the final destination; the florists in Russia and surrounding countries. This is the segment and area that Enigma focuses on. They have been doing this for 19 years from their company at the flower auction FloraHolland in Naaldwijk. What first started out as a small purchasing service has grown into a large company with about 185 employees.

The aforementioned florists are served to their liking. This is where the strength of Enigma lies, delivering quality and really everything that the florist wants. Enigma Flowers does everything to deliver the required trade for both flowers and plants, and all this in the short term to guarantee freshness.

KP Holland is a proud supplier of Enigma Flowers. Especially the Kalanchoes are very popular in this market, but the Spathiphyllum also participates. The relationship between Enigma Flowers and KP Holland is very good, based on the specific quality and product requirements that Enigma Flowers sets and KP Holland meets, but also because of personal interaction. The latter is increasingly moving towards a digital relationship. According to Enigma Flowers, the big advantage of doing digital business lies mainly in the fact that the complete range is clear at first glance. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to digitally link (specific) assortment of growers to their own customers. This creates overview and extra sales opportunities. The classic role of buyer therefore seems to disappear into the background. However, this is not the case, Danny clarified. It’s because of the digitization that there is more room for strengthening the relationship with suppliers.

In recent years the sales of, in particular, Kalanchoe between these parties have grown. Both Enigma Flowers and KP Holland are therefore eager to expand this in the future.

Team Marketing & Sales strengthened

The Marketing & Sales team has recently expanded with the arrival of Pim van der Knaap. After his education in Small Business & Retail Management, Pim gained several years of work experience with plant exporter E. den Dekker and has been active in the sale of retail concepts at the Viscon Group. Pim then made the choice to become active in the family business. After a training period at the various locations/activities of KP Holland, he will start working at our commercial Growing Sales department next month.

By combining his knowledge and experience with the expertise of the current colleagues, we are convinced that you and your customers will be served even better.

Of course Pim would also like to meet you personally, for example at the FlowerTrials in June at our nursey in Naaldwijk. Can we welcome you there?

Grower in the sunlight: Forever Plants

This time, Forever Plants is in the sunlight. We spoke with 3rd generation owner Thom Persoon.

“Forever Plants is a tropical pot plant nursery and has existed for 35 years. We have been based in Honselersdijk, the Netherlands, since the beginning “, Thom explains.

The company is owned by the Persoon family, and has a total of 45 employees. The focus in terms of assortment is on Ficus, Dracaena, Yucca and in the season also Hibiscus and Curcuma.

Typical of the family business is according to Thom: “That we do things a bit differently. We want to be a happy company and make it really fun for our employees. We do this by involving everyone in the business process and by giving each one his own responsibility.” Forever Plants also distinguishes itself by the choice of product:“Because of our wide range of green varieties and pot sizes, we are a one-stop shop in green. We produce market demand for the higher segment of day trade. In a sustainable way. Of course everyone is saying that, but we make it concrete: our goal is to produce fossil neutral by 2025. “

KP Holland provides Forever Plants with the starting material for Curcuma Siam™ Splash, Siam™ Solar, Siam™ Stardust and Siam™ Sweet. New this year in the field of Curcuma are the larger pot sizes. This season Forever Plants will exclusively bring Siam™ Soul, Siam™ Shine and Siam™ Supreme to the market in a 21 and 29 cm pot. “This is not just your regular flowering plant, this is something spectacular” Thom said. During this conversation we happened to discover that this is the 10th year that Forever Plants and KP Holland work together with Curcuma.

“The chance that we will celebrate many more anniversaries together is great,” says Thom, “because the relationship is good and Curcuma is a beautiful and exclusive product.”

Thom sees the future of horticulture as positive: “Further partnerships will develop, small-scale companies will disappear, data = the future. What does the consumer want? That is where the opportunities lie. That is why we believe and invest in our own webshop called Plantsome. The cooperation with KP Holland will continue or intensify, we are always interested in all new varieties from breeding. Perhaps we will also cooperate in the field of commerce? “

We thank Thom and wish Forever Plants a fantastic Curcuma season.

KP Holland FlowerTrials Event: Save the date(s)

KP Holland will take part in the FlowerTrials from Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 June. And this year a bit different and even more interesting for you! KP Holland organizes the FlowerTrials Lunch Event: exciting lunch sessions with inspiring speakers. Soon you will receive extensive information, but you should not miss it. Please save the date(s).

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