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  Nieuwsbrief KP Holland september 2018  
Seasons Trade Fair 2018; we hope to welcome you

We would like to invite you to our annual Seasons Trade Fair. Change of food makes you eat, right? That is why this time we will organize this fair in week 39, from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 September, traditionally at the Oriental Group in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. The Seasons Trade Fair is a joint product exhibition of Oriental Group, Levoplant, VDE Plant and KP Holland. This fair is being organized for the sixteenth time and this year it has an “Oktoberfest-touch”. You will receive a personal invitation next week. Do you already want to know more? Then please visit

KP Holland summer contest: thank you for your enthusiasm

This summer we organized a summer contest with which daily, weekly and top prizes could be won, with as a winning factor that pictures and movies were made and shared with the distributed daily prizes. There was a massive response to this request! Thank you very much for all the funny, original and summery photos and videos we received and that were shared on all social media channels. We enjoyed it, and hopefully you dit too. It wasn’t easy to pick a winner from all entries, but Esperit Elements won the first prize, a (after) summer boat trip with dinner. Of course, we will soon share photos and a report of this with you. Watch the winning video again here: Summer campaign KP Holland by Esperit Elements​​. Thanks again for your enthusiastic involvement, again next year?

October: Air So Pure month

KP Holland as breeder and grower of one of the most air-purifying plants, the Spathiphyllum, is of course part of Air So Pure. October has been “Air So Pure month” for some years now. During this month extra attention is given to this collective of air-purifying plants. There will be actions at various garden centers this month. The various plants can also be admired on television, at De Grote Tuinverbouwing. On September 29 and October 6, the broadcasts in which these plants play a role will appear on SBS6 at 17.00, these broadcasts are repeated the next day. Air So Pure plants can also be admired in the RTL Woonmagazine program. For more information, please visit

Grower in the sunlight: BK Plant

During the FlowerTrials last June, the fair where we show our Breeding activities to you, we presented our breeding novelties, among other things. One was Curcuma Siam™ Sweet. We are proud to introduce a customer to you who has grown this novelty for the first time this year: BK Plant.

We spoke with Emiel Barendse, co-founder and owner of BK Plant. The letters BK stand for the two brothers-in-law who started the nursery in 2002: Emiel Barendse and Adri van Kester. Before that, the brothers-in-law were already active in horticulture, respectively in pot plants and vegetables. The collaboration was sought to grow bigger and stronger, a new greenhouse was built in Honselersdijk, the Netherlands. BK Plant now has 12 employees. The main crop is the Curcuma pot plant in 15 and 17 cm, in the winter among others Scindapsus and Ficus are grown.

BK Plant focuses on the higher segment of trade, which means that all focus and investments are focused on the very best quality. The plants get the best lighting and are grown with a lot of space. “We do not only say that we deliver the best quality, we also do it”, says Emiel.

For the first time this year, BK Plant used tissue culture starting material from KP Holland from Curcuma Siam™ Splash, Siam™ Solar, Siam™ Sweet and Siam™ Sunset. “I am very pleased with the result”, says Emiel. “We have had a good season, with the average price above expectations.” Emiel sees the future as positive: “Curcuma is a relatively young product, even though it has been grown for 25 years. There is still a lot of potential, especially in terms of new varieties that are coming. “

We wish BK Plant all the best next Curcuma season!

Would you like to know more about the special properties of Curcuma and the story behind this exotic plant? Then please visit

Trading places: Gasa Holland

This time we talked to Peter de Haan, wholesale manager of Gasa Holland. Gasa Holland is located in Aalsmeer (just outside the auction) and is part of the Gasa Group. The company has a worldwide turnover of 300 million, the turnover of Gasa Holland is 65 million. The roots of the company lie in Scandinavia. Gasa Holland has about 60 employees.

The company is very versatile. “We are strong from wholesale to retail. We also supply garden centers, DIY stores. etc.” says Peter de Haan.

Gasa Holland supplies throughout Europe, but also in countries such as Dubai, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and of course Scandinavia. The company has achieved substantial growth in recent years. This is partly due to a strong organization. Achieving these results in the current market gives confidence to further expand this in the coming years

Gasa Holland is a good regular customer of KP Holland. Both Spathiphyllum and Curcuma are regularly bought, although Kalanchoe is predominant. Peter de Haan: “The relationship with KP Holland is very good. This is mainly due to the professionalism and high level of service provided by KP Holland. Gasa values ​​this with an 8.5. In addition to the aforementioned aspects, something else plays a very important role; the products that KP Holland supplies are of high quality. The combination of these three aspects ensures that there is a good and growing relationship. Gasa Holland foresees a positive future. The intention is therefore not only to continue the relationship between KP Holland and Gasa Holland, but also to expand it. The vision/mission as well as the extensive clientele of Gasa Holland in combination with the products of KP Holland offer the opportunities for this.
For more information, please visit

Upcoming exhibitions

You will find KP Holland at the following exhibitions:

  • 25 - 28 September: Seasons Trade Fair, house fair of KP Holland, Levoplant, VDE Plant and Oriental Group. Bleiswijk, the Netherlands
  • 7 - 9 november: FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer, the Netherlands
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