The Gardenlina™ series adds colour to the garden from May through September. These Kalanchoes were chosen from KP Holland’s assortment especially for their suitability as garden and patio plants. Gardenlina™ varieties are flowering powerhouses that turn a patio into a sea of colour. Until the summer solstice (around 21 June), the Gardenlina™ varieties are producing flowers from the buds they had when they were purchased. As the days become shorter, the plants start producing new buds for a second flowering display.
This means a vibrant flowering plant to enjoy all summer long!

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As a florist, you want to supply your customers with products of guaranteed top quality. And you also want to carry exclusive products to distinguish yourself from other sales channels. Knowing this, KP Holland combines the grower’s passion with cutting-edge cultivation and grading systems to arrive at the very best: the Royale™ Kalanchoe series.
These varieties guarantee you of top quality plants available in pot sizes 7, 12 and 15 cm. You can recognise the Royale™ series from their deluxe sleeve packaging and gold-coloured tray. The Royale™ varieties provide you with these guarantees: at least a 5-week flowering period with at least 100 flower buds (7-cm pot), 300 flower buds (12-cm pot) and 500 flower buds (15-cm pot). The Royale™ series is available exclusively through specialised wholesalers such as Waterdrinker Cash & Carry.

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Roots for Moods

The story of the Curcuma with Thai origins is a story worth telling. The roots of this plant are commonly used in Asian cuisine in the form of turmeric, but they also have medicinal properties. ‘Roots for Moods’ is a sales concept that communicates both the use of Curcuma as a spice in Asian cuisine and helps others because when consumers buy a ‘Roots for Moods’ Curcuma, they are also supporting a good cause: research into the effects of curcumine (the active ingredient in the roots) in preventing cancer. The ‘Roots for Moods’ sales concept is available to garden centres and other sales channels. Roots for Moods is a joint initiative of Dutch Curcuma growers.

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Air So Pure

‘Air So Pure’ is a qualification applied to a group of plants with scientifically proven health benefits. These ‘natural air purifiers’ have been especially selected for their excellent air-purifying effect. Research has shown that they:

  • neutralise harmful gases by absorbing and breaking them down into harmless substances
  • improve air quality by releasing moisture into the air and thus regulating its humidity level
  • make the air healthier by effectively turning CO2 into oxygen.

For more information, please contact Walter Gunneweg

To website Air So Pure, a sales concept initiated by a select group of Dutch growers, guarantees a large assortment of high-quality miniplants in a single uniform pot size. provides an ingenious shelving plan that ensures a varied miniplant display table for every season for high returns year round. Combined with coordinated ceramics products available through your ceramics supplier, this concept is a carefree solution for your garden centre.

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